• Religious Statues

      Jesus Crucifix

      Jesus crucifix was made in white marble and the crucifix was made in black brown marble. This stark contrast highlights the sadness of Jesus' crucifixion. The bottom base was made into irre

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      Marble Jesus holding a Lamb

      The design of this Jesus statue comes from the story of Jesus herding sheep. Holding the lamb, Jesus looks forward and protect this little lamb, while the lamb is looking Jesus as if it expr

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      Jesus Marble Statue

      The Jesus marble statue was carved by hand in white natural marble. Jesus is opening her arms, which stands for the philanthropism of Christ. In our this Jesus sculpture, he has a determined

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      Mother Mary Sculpture

      Mother Mary sculpture is holding little Jesus with a golden doves. Mary and Jesus are carved by natural marble, while the dove is gilding. Its surface has 24k goldleaf, which will be very sh

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      Marble Jesus Statue

      This marble Jesus statue is standing with open hug, which fully shows philanthropism. Jesus' peace face and dedicated eyes, which fully illustrates " God Bless You". Name Marble Jesus Sta

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      Marble Mary And Baby Jesus Sculpture for Church

      Name Hand-carved Marble Mary And Baby Jesus Sculpture for Church Item No. T-7326 Material 100% natural marble Technical Hand carved with highly workmanship Surface finishing Polished or hone

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      Venus Marble

      Our Venus marble was carving by hand purely. It is 170cm height, we can also make as your needed size. This marble Venus sculpture will be match for your beautiful garden, which will be a ve

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      Modern Marble Sculpture

      This modern marble sculpture used a new process: casting marble, therefore, the surface can be painted into any color you like. This statue was modeled as a super star in body builder. If yo

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      Four Seasons Lady Sculptures

      The four sculpture are a set of sculpture as the part of the outdoor sculpture collection. Each lady holding typical symbols of each season, which represents different season in one year: Sp

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      Lion Head Wall Fountain

      This lion head wall fountain was make antique surface treatment, which makes it like a long-history fountain. The top shell and the lion head add the royal atmosphere, which looks like more

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      Horse Fountain

      This horse fountain was made of natural marble and all of details are carved by our sculptor. It is very graceful in our marble fountains that our factory made before. This white fountain ha

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      Bronze Angel Sculpture

      The bronze angel sculpture looks a little like a graceful dancer. She spreads her hands upward and dress flows with breeze. This bronze sculpture was completed over many process, which was p

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      Fireplace with White Marble Surround

      The fireplace was carved glossy shells and leaves by hand. It fully shows our workman wonderful process. White marble fireplace surround gives people the feeling of clean and tidy. If you do

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      Antique Marble Mantel

      This antique marble mantel shows classic American style. Complicated carving flowers and wide fireplace legs gives a royal and noble feeling. Our marble fireplace was made in a light beige m

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      Pink Marble Fireplace

      This pink marble fireplace with complicate and exquisite carving flowers, which can adding antique and elegance for your warm home. Product description Name Pink Marble Fireplace Item No. T-

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      French Limestone Fireplace 1

      This french limestone fireplace was carved beautiful patterns on the cover hearth and legs. As a mordern white marble fireplace, it is very matchful with your room modern and simple decorati

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      Black and White Marble Fireplace

      This fireplace mantel is made of black marble with white veins. Irregular lines on the surface highlights flexible and natural. With carved flowers and leaves on the upper plate, other fluen

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      White Marble Fireplace Mantel

      This white marble fireplace mantel is carved leaves on each side by hand. It was designed into an arch shape, which makes your room is unique. And you can put an electric or gas heater below

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    Quyang ZhongOu Yishu Marble Sculpture Manufactory specializes in marble sculpture and ornament hand carving, which lies in Quyang county, "the Town of Carving" in China. We have been a well-established supplier in this field more than twenty years. In 2007 we established our own Export Department, and began to do business with foreign clients directly. Our products include Fireplace, Statues, Gazebo, Column, Bust, Fountains, Animals etc. Most of them have been exported to USA, UK, Italy, Germany, Holland, France etc, in where are very popular. We can make: 1. Supply wide range products:home de...

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    In the Customer Garden, Marble Fountain,Marble Bench, Marble Urn

    From C.Y. "Thefountain,seatsandurnshavebeenmuchadmired, They are very beautiful in my garden. The fountain has a very fluency waterfall and it will be very cool in the summer. I have a big family and the 2 marble seats can hold all of my family.For t

    Holy Family Bless You

    From X.H.: "The Holy Family is very beautiful! I'm very satisfying to this marble statue and service. I have recommended to my friends and families. If I want to buy other marble items, I will buy it from bestmarblecarving.com. They are very honest a

    Our Granite Monument Finds Its Place

    From O.R.: "I just sent a picture at begining. Judy and her team sent us the CAD drawing in the next day. It's a quick work. From drawing to production, they would give their professional suggestion and ask my idea. Combining skill and customers requ

    Our Marble Fountain Is Installed at A Customer's Backyard

    FromM.S. :"I purchased a pink marble fountain from Quyang Zhongou Yishu Marble Sculpture Manufactury. All of my requirements were got the staff's promptly answer by emails and phones.Look, how amazing it is in my backyard! I will purchase another ite

    Jesus is installed at A Church

    From B.N. : "With the church mission of purchase a Jesus statue, I came to China for visiting Quyang Zhongou Yishu Marble Sculpture Manufactory. During visiting factory, David and his team introduced several marble characters professionally and recommended a Jesus that met our needs and budget. All